September 24, 2019

Select Committee on Modernization Receives Leadership Award

In recognition of their bipartisan work, innovative leadership and ongoing recommendations to improve the way Congress functions, the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress (“Select Committee”) was honored with the Leadership Now Award.

Chair Derek Kilmer (D-WA) accepted the award on behalf of the Select Committee. The Leadership Now Award honors principled, pragmatic leadership and innovation to renew democracy.

“When it comes to strengthening America's democracy infrastructure, the Select Committee on Modernization of Congress is leading reform,” said Daniella Ballou-Aares Leadership Now, CEO and Founder. “Their work has already generated 29 unanimous recommendations to improve the operations of the House of Representatives ranging from technology to human resources with many more to come. We are honored to give our 2019 Leadership Now Award for Action to Renew American Democracy to the Select Committee for Modernization of Congress for their unsung efforts to better our country's democracy in a nonpartisan, efficient and ambitious way.”

“The ultimate goal of this committee is to modernize this institution so that its more efficient, effective and responsive to the American people. We are working together in a bipartisan way to make real progress and improve the way Congress functions for all Americans,” said Chair Kilmer.

Following the award presentation, Chair Kilmer joined Leadership Now Project Members Lisa Lewin and Patrick McGinnis to share updates on the Select Committee’s work thus far, and to highlight additional areas for reform within the legislative branch. The Select Committee has passed 29 bipartisan recommendations this year focused on opening up Congress, increasing transparency and accountability, boosting the quality of constituent engagement, increasing staff retention on Capitol Hill, ensuring Americans with disabilities have access to all procedures and functions of the House, and overhauling the current onboarding and education process for new and current Members of Congress. You can read more about the Select Committee’s work here.

The Leadership Now Project is a membership organization of business professionals, investors, innovators, and influencers. Leadership Now has four founding principles: to protect democracy while renewing it, promote fact and evidence-based policymaking, create an economy that works for all, and embrace diversity as an asset. The Leadership Now Project conducts original analysis, advises members on strategic political investments, and partners with other democracy reformers to enact systems-level change.