Transparency of active Eligible Congressional Member Organizations (ECMOs) should be improved, and a list of approved ECMOs should be published and updated accordingly each Congress.

Congressional Member Organizations (CMOs) are organizations of Members that are registered with the Committee on House Administration to support a common legislative objective. Beginning in the 114th Congress, the House began allowing certain CMOs to be designated as Eligible Congressional Member Organizations (ECMOs). “To qualify for ECMO status, a group must have been a registered CMO in the preceding Congress, with shared employees from at least 15 House Member offices; register as a CMO in the 116th Congress; designate a single House Member as administrator of the group; and have at least three House employees assigned to perform work on its behalf.”[56]

Member organizations have increased in number and influence, yet there is no publicly available list of these organizations. This lack of transparency prevents the public from accessing basic information about these organizations and their legislative objectives. This recommendation ensures that the public can easily access an updated list of approved ECMOs and learn more about their policy concerns.

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