The Congressional Research Service (CRS) should prioritize a “rapid response” program for nonpartisan fact sheets on key issues and legislation under consideration in Congress.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is an essential source for nonpartisan policy information. Members and their staff may request memos on nearly any topic—from a specific policy to legislative procedure. This information is then used to inform Members’ voting decisions, craft legislative text, and educate constituents. However, this high-quality information can be slow in delivery. The Committee recommends that CRS proactively identify, prepare and prioritize nonpartisan fact sheets for key issues and legislation expected to be under consideration in Congress, rather than waiting to receive multiple requests from Member offices before responding and providing the information. By proactively preparing fact sheets on timely policy issues, CRS can better prepare Members and their staff for current, pressing issues in advance. In addition to Members and staff, constituents would also have timely access to this nonpartisan, factual information, helping to elevate and improve debate in the House. 

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