Require annual supplemental budget submission data from the President.

Congress requires critical data from the executive branch to begin the budget building process. Specifically, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cannot begin constructing its baseline for the upcoming fiscal year without receipt of data, particularly prior-year and current-year spending, that is normally transmitted with the President’s budget request. Without receipt of CBO’s baseline, Congress generally cannot begin writing its budget resolution. To create additional time for developing the baseline, and therefore, the budget resolution and various appropriations bills, the executive branch should be required to provide a supplemental budget submission that is separate from the President’s policy proposals no later than December 1 of each calendar year.  

This supplemental budget submission should include: 

  • Prior year fiscal data 
  • Current year fiscal data
  • Credit re-estimates for the current year

This data would allow CBO to begin constructing the baseline, as well as subsequently to enable the Budget and Appropriations Committees to begin preliminary work in writing the budget resolution and appropriations bills earlier in the process. 

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