Require an annual Fiscal State of the Nation, to be given by the appropriate official(s), as determined by or in coordination with House leadership.

Members of Congressmust have access to nonpartisan information about the many factors contributing to the nation’s debt and deficit in order to developsound fiscal policies and meet our long-debt and deficit reduction.[303] To encourage communication between the executive and legislative branches and ensure that all parties involved in the budget and appropriations process are making decisions based on a common set of facts, the Committee recommends improving the communication between agency officials and Members of Congress. 

For Congress to appropriately fund the government, all parties need to be working with the same set of facts. Issues like the national debt, federal budget requests, and deadlines should be understood and agreed upon by all negotiators.[304] A yearly Fiscal State of the Nation discussion will facilitate these types of discussions and ensure all involved start off with the same expectations and understanding.

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