Rename the House Commission on Mailing Standards, also known as the Franking Commission, the House Communications Standards Commission to reflect 21st Century communications.

Given the vast jurisdiction of the Commission, including email, advertisements, robocall scripts, text messages, websites, and the new inclusion of social media, the Committee recommended that the title of the Franking Commission be changed to reflect its modern responsibilities. This recommendation is currently underway in the House, and branding and operations are now referred to the House Communication Standards Commission.

Furthermore, the former name of the Franking Commission did not resonate with individuals outside of Congress. During Brad Fitch’s testimony to the Committee, he touched on this confusion: “When I talk about this outside of Washington, who is Frank? And why is he sending me this mail?”[204] While perhaps a simple anecdote, the sentiment is clear—the name of the Commission should be updated to accurately capture their range of responsibilities, including all current forms of Member communications.

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