Regularly survey staff on ways to improve pay, benefits, and quality of life.

called for improved collection and dissemination of data on the compensation and demographic breakdown of congressional staff. According to the Task Force:[130]

“In order to gauge current problems and track progress in staff retention and diversity over time, Congress and those who care about the institution need better information about staffing practices. We recommend that Congress require systematic information collection. Information availability would then allow Congress to identify where the institution falls short in equitable opportunities for staff career advancement.”
APSA Task Force on Congressional Reform, October 2019

Congressional staff are not regularly surveyed to capture important information about pay, benefits, diversity, and quality of life. This lack of information hinders the ability of the House to identify the demographics of who works on the Hill, why staff leave, and how to improve retention and diversity.

The Rules of the House of Representatives for the 116th Congress (H.Res. 6) included language for a one-time survey on staff diversity. A number of outside groups have also compiled reports on staff pay and demographics, but the accuracy of data is hard to confirm. The Committee recommends regular internal surveys of staff to collect demographic data and to solicit information to improve staff pay, benefits, and quality of life.

The Committee also recommends that the new human resources HUB described above offer departing staff the option of completing an exit survey. By routinely collecting this information, Congress can make data-based decisions to improve staff retention. Congress should also make public the aggregated results of these surveys.

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