Reform House Information Resources (HIR) by partnering with outside entities to develop a roadmap for addressing the root cause of HIR’s systemic inability to deliver enterprise programs and IT services in a timely manner.

Similar to reestablishing a centralized technology policy office in the OTA, the Committee recommends reforming the HIR to make it easier for individual offices to receive IT assistance. Currently, services provided by HIR can be slow to access, and not as high-quality as that provided by private vendors. When Members of Congress need help with IT services or website design, they often look to outside vendors for assistance—a process that can be costly. Because HIR already offers these services, many of which are available at no charge to Member offices, it is in Congress’ best interest to invest in and improve HIR.

The Committee recommends that HIR partner with outside entities to develop a roadmap for improving wait times for services. An entity outside of the House should be contracted to review the current operations of HIR and provide a roadmap to successful reform. Specifically, the House should partner with GAO, the new OTA, the GSA’s 18F office, the United States Digital Service (USDS), and others to develop this roadmap, with a specific eye towards improving HIR’s IT services and website design. Not only would this eliminate the all-too-common practice of double-spending on IT services, thereby reducing duplicative spending; it will make it easier for Member offices to receive IT assistance.

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