HIR should create a program that allows Member offices to opt-in to beta test with new technologies.

Members and their staff need to be able to experiment with technology that will familiarize them with possible new services (and the vendors that provide them) in the first place. It’s important for congressional offices to be using the same types of technologies that their constituencies use and rely on to communicate. The complex rules HIR places on individual offices ultimately limits opportunities for offices to test new technologies. Through a new centralized HIR, Members should be given both the freedom and responsibility to experiment with new technology. Every district is different, and every Member should have the opportunity to use tools that best aid their district.

The Committee recommends that offices wishing to beta-test new technologies be able to easily identify and sign up for opportunities to do so. Member offices should also acknowledge the responsibility of the risks associated with such testing, as the security of the House enterprise is paramount. 

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