Encourage House-wide bulk purchasing of goods and services to cut back on waste and inefficiency.

Building off of recommendation three, the Committee turned to specific bulk purchasing. While some administrative procurement will continue to be done at the individual office level, commodities like bottled water, office supplies, and publication materials can be streamlined to reduce costs without impeding Members’ ability to represent their constituents. Central procurement of IT services offers the greatest potential to reduce costs for Member offices, but the desire to maintain autonomy over IT systems makes this more challenging. 

The Committee recommends that the CAO be granted the ability to negotiate House-wide contracts or purchasing services for member, committee, and leadership offices, with the goal of saving taxpayer dollars by purchasing centrally rather than independently. Building on previous recommendations, the Committee recommends the CAO, under the supervision of the Committee on House Administration, determine a standard baseline technology package for Member, committee, and leadership offices. The Committee recommends that the standard technology package be piloted with new Members at the beginning of the incoming Congress and expanded accordingly. 

This recommendation was also included in the FY 2021 Legislative Branch Appropriations Bill. In addition, more detail on the standard, baseline package of IT services to save taxpayer dollars can be found in Chapter 6 on improving House technology. 

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