Develop a nonpartisan constituent engagement and services best practices page on HouseNet.

To collect and centralize the information recommended in this chapter, the Committee recommends developing a nonpartisan constituent engagement and best services page on HouseNet. Currently, Members—particularly new Members—are reliant on word of mouth for information on best practices and technology advice. As a result, Members are left re-inventing the wheel.

Instead of relying on the organic, anecdotal sharing of best practices, Members should be set up for success from the beginning. This website could serve as an organized portal for HIR (surveys, best practices, technology updates), outside vendors (how to apply as an approved vendor), and Member offices (contact information, CRS fact sheets, constituent outreach, digital communications and franking updates, and in-person training events). Making this information easily accessible would help promote easier communication between HIR, outside vendors, and individual offices. These topics were chosen because they are common, and often similar, across all districts, making best practices easy to adopt and apply.

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