Create a customer satisfaction portal on HouseNet that allows Member and staff to rate and review outside vendors and HIR services.

In order to continually improve beyond these specific recommendations for upgrading HIR, the Committee recommends establishing a new customer service portal for staff to review the services and assistance they receive from HIR. Right now, Members and staff make technology decisions based on word of mouth or vendor outreach. This system does not empower individual offices to make the best decisions for their districts. A customer service portal would serve as a resource where all Members could access in-depth information about technology or request direct assistance.

In addition, a formal, annual survey to measure staff satisfaction with HIR will increase accountability and provide helpful feedback to consistently improve. This survey should also include questions geared toward district staff and district-specific technology concerns, as well as information on the technologies that Members and staff would like to use but have not yet received HIR approval. This feedback will help HIR to improve over time, and reduce miscommunication between Member offices and HIR.

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