Congressional Staff Academy must design and offer certifications in addition to trainings to staffers. The program must offer certificates for the following roles: Staff Assistant, LC, LA, LD, Scheduler, Press Assistant, Communications Director, COS, and district staff roles. The CSA must also promote these certifications.

Certifications help staff become more marketable for promotion or alternative employment. In addition, these programs also help offices save time by training staffers and create a standardized, base-level understanding of staff roles across the House. And given the unique nature of the work on Capitol Hill, it can be difficult to move from one position to another—this training will provide staff with an opportunity to learn new positions and be flexible in their work goals. 

For example, these programs will include training on House procedure for legislative aides, guidance on in-House communication resources for press staff, and managerial training for senior-level positions. This training will improve the institution as a whole, by not only making it easier for staff to transfer between offices, but by establishing foundational training for new and veteran staff members alike. In addition, the Committee recommends incentivizing participation in training such as bonuses, establishing a curriculum for senior staff, and a creating a mentorship program for staff. 

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