Committees should establish telework policies on a bipartisan basis.

Transparency in the legislative process is hindered during extended periods of telework due to fewer public committee markups and slowdowns in agency response to committee requests for information. Committees should have audio and video communications programs in place, as well as a bipartisan plan for sharing relevant committee information with the public. Committees should evaluate current needs of committee rooms to achieve remote capabilities.

Additionally, committees should establish bipartisan telework policies that detail how information will be recorded, stored, and shared electronically with the public. Committees should be given flexibility to customize bipartisan plans that work for their Members. These plans should also include an outline for external communication with federal agencies, so that committees are prepared to continue conducting oversight and hold agencies in their jurisdiction accountable during telework periods. Committees could also consider remote voting opportunities, expounded on elsewhere in this report, to make committee activity more efficient and transparent.

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