A study should be conducted related to House functions during the COVID-19 pandemic to evaluate additional operational needs or changes to operations that are no longer appropriate.

The COVID-19 pandemic lurched Congress into a continuity of operations plan, but there is still work to be done to prepare for future crises. The Committee passed an additional recommendation on September 24, 2020, requesting a study on House functions during the remote work period. Not only is there likely room for improvement, but there are also some newly implemented practices that might no longer be necessary. This evaluation should evaluate:

  • Staffing levels to ensure the clerk’s office has the proper amount of full-time employees (FTEs) to support legislative operations.
  • Expenses related to floor/legislative operations, including the cost e-processes as well as what e-processes will remain after the pandemic is over.
  • Systems in use/or available to the Clerk’s office, and the amount needed to support/develop/procure relevant systems to operations.
  • Operations in use by the standing and select committees to ensure that there is a standard system for the Committees as they update their internal processes.
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