Business Meeting

Business Meeting to Vote on Recommendations

Date: Thursday, September 29, 2022 Time: 10:00 AM Location: Rayburn House Office Building 2175


Vote #1 Recommendations 1-23

1. Aggregated Constituent Casework Analytics: The House should develop an optional system to allow offices to share anonymized constituent casework data and aggregate that information to identify trends and systemic issues to better serve constituents.

2. Information on Civic Engagement Organizations: The House should provide offices with information related to outside organizations and resources available to assist members and committees that wish to enhance outreach efforts or utilize new tools for constituent communication and engagement.

3. Study the Development of a Platform for Interactive Civic Engagement: The House should study and present options for developing a public-facing interactive platform for constituents to offer their opinions and feedback on pending legislation.

4. Improve Constituent Correspondence with Technology: The House Digital Service should evaluate and onboard industry leading correspondence technology tools and platforms to enable offices to improve the quality and substance of constituent correspondence.

5. Study the Creation of an Optional Committee Platform for Soliciting Public Input and Evidence: The House should study and present options for developing a platform for committees that want to solicit public comment and evidence on topics that might be coming before the committee.

6. Modernizing the Constituent Tour Request Process: The House should develop an efficient and secure tool for coordinating constituent tour requests.

7. Modernizing the Constituent Flag Process: The House should develop a more efficient process for tracking and managing constituent flag requests.

8. Tools for Measuring the Constituent Customer Service Experience: The House should develop and provide offices with optional tools for surveying and tracking their constituent’s ‘customer service’ experience.

9. Personalizing the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center Experience: Future upgrades to the Capitol Visitor Center should allow for a more personalized and interactive tour that allows constituents to better understand who their representatives are and how their opinions are reflected in House votes.

10. Institutionalize House Technology Education and Innovation Initiatives: Congress should institutionalize and expand technology education and innovation initiatives such as the Congressional Hackathon.

11. Institutional Support for Mature Congressional Technology: The House should develop an onboarding process to institutionalize congressional technology that has reached a mature development stage, is widely used, or is considered mission critical.

12. Open-Source Congressional Technology: House-developed digital applications should be made open source by default.

13. Align Technology Standards and Processes Between the House and Senate: The House and Senate should work to align more of their technology standards and processes.

14. Streamline Processes for Prospective Technology Vendors: The House should provide more public information to potential technology vendors and streamline the vendor approval and onboarding process.

15. Established Delivery Partners: The CAO should develop an Established Delivery Partners program for digital solution vendors that regularly work with the House.

16. Allow Collaborative Civic Technology Development: The House should review current policies and, where appropriate, allow opportunities for congressional use of software and its underlying code that is developed by outside civic technology organizations.

17. House Technology Working Group: The House should establish a high- level working group to prioritize and coordinate the maintenance and development of House digital infrastructure.

18. Digital Service Advisory Board: The House should create a Digital Service Advisory Board to help plan and prioritize the work of the House Digital Service.

19. Modernizing the Capitol Switchboard: The Capitol switchboard should be updated to allow call information to be passed through to House offices.

20. Automated Committee Hearing Records: The GPO should create and offer a standard process for automating committee hearing records.

21. Digital Options for Committees: The House should work with committees to develop optional tools that allow them to continue to migrate away from the use of paper documents during committee meetings.

22. House Office of Legislative Counsel (HOLC) Education and Outreach: The House should provide resources to support HOLC’s continuing efforts to expand education and proactive outreach to members and staff.

23. Open House of Representatives: At the beginning of a new Congress, House business support offices and agencies should hold an “Open-House” to provide members and staff the opportunity to personally meet with institutional offices and staff and learn about the services they offer.

Vote #2

24. Expand Sponsor Designations for Bipartisan Bills: The House should permit legislation to have two members of Congress serve as first sponsors, provided that Members are affiliated with different political parties.

Vote #3

Vote to adopt the committee report containing approved recommendations and report it favorably to the House.