Business Meeting

Business Meeting on Proposed Recommendations

Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2022 Time: 10:00 AM Location: 1300 Longworth House Office Building


Recommendations Considered En Bloc

Vote #1 – Recommendations 1-29

Article One: Strengthening Congressional Oversight Capacity.

1. Optional bipartisan oversight training: The House should offer and support optional programs for members and staff to learn best-practices for conducting bipartisan, fact-based oversight.

2. Improved access to document review software: The CAO should assist committees in obtaining and utilizing effective, industry standard “e-discovery” software to improve document review and processing capabilities.
Congress Back Home: Modernizing District Office Operations

3. District Wi-Fi: The CAO should provide every district office with access to secure Wi-Fi.

4. Single point of contact for district office setup: The CAO should designate a single point of contact for each office to streamline the process for setting up district office operations.

5. District-focused transition aide: The House should provide members-elect with a second paid transition aide who can focus on setting up district operations.


6. Information sharing between district offices: The CAO should facilitate opportunities for staff that work directly with constituents to connect and share best practices.

7. Ready for day one program: The House, where feasible, should expand existing authorities to expedite the process for members-elect to access district office space and begin office set up.

8. Agency casework contact lists and privacy release form policies from CRS: CRS should provide regularly updated and complete information on local agency casework contacts and agency digital privacy release form policies.

9. Additional staff capacity to support disaster response: The House should provide resources and staffing flexibility to district offices in responding to a federally declared disaster.

10. District staff retention: The House Task Force on the Workforce should examine the benefits, professional development opportunities, and other resources, that will improve district staff retention and recommend updates.

11. Connecting constituents with community organizations and resources: The House should update and provide clear ethics guidelines to allow district offices to direct constituents to appropriate community organizations, resources, and services.

12. Facilitating constituent service events: The House should provide flexibility within House Rule 24 to allow district offices to cosponsor constituent service events with non-governmental organizations to provide information and other resources to constituents.

13. Constituent control over their data: The House should ensure that constituent data and records related to casework are maintained, transferred, or destroyed according to a constituent’s preferences.

14. Technology solutions to help offices better serve constituents: The CAO should develop or provide optional in-house technology solutions to district offices to improve casework and other services.

Innovative Workplaces, Historic Spaces: Modernizing House Office Buildings

15. Improve navigating the campus: To improve wayfinding, the House should consult with internal and external experts to assess and implement navigation improvements necessary to make it easier for visitors to find their way through the Capitol campus.

16. Survey house employees: The House should regularly survey House employees to assess plans for telework and use of office space.

17. Digital displays for hearings and events: The House should provide digital signage displaying information about current public hearings and events.

18. Inventory existing space: The House should study the use of its space to understand how it is used, who controls access to various spaces, and how it is managed in the House and the Capitol.

19. Offer expanded options for meeting space: The House should establish and designate shared meeting spaces that will allow for members and staff to use on a drop-in basis and not require reservations.

20. Portal for all reservable space: The House should develop an app and expand the current web portal to include all reservable space in the Capitol and House Office Buildings.

21. Establishing procedures for communicating with members and staff prior to modern new construction: AOC and CHA should jointly establish procedures to ensure new projects are modern, functional, and meet the needs of members and constituents.

22. Establishing procedures for communicating with members and staff during construction: AOC and CHA should jointly establish procedures to demonstrate projects underway are modern, functional, and meet the needs of members and constituents.

23. Flexible and modern member office templates: The CAO should provide a broad menu of furniture options and templates for member office space that considers modern and flexible design and function concepts.

24. Flex hearing space: The House should identify and develop a space that can be used to hold hearings with alternative seating formats such as a roundtable-style.

Turning an Idea into Law: Modernizing the Legislative Process

25. Modernize bill referral and tracking: The House should establish a system for bill referral to committees that automates and tracks the bill’s progress through the legislative process.

26. Retaining expert staff: The House should exempt student loan repayments from maximum compensation.

27. Automate the process of obtaining cosponsors: The House should develop a technology solution to allow greater automation of the process for collecting and registering cosponsors.

28. Collaborative legislative drafting: The House should leverage existing enterprise-wide applications and develop other tools and solutions to better facilitate legislative drafting between member, committee and leadership offices and the HOLC.

Congressional Continuity: Ensuring the First Branch is Prepared in Times of Crisis

29. Joint Committee on Continuity: Congress should establish a joint committee to review House and Senate rules and other matters assuring continuing representation and congressional operations for the American people.

Vote #2

Vote to adopt the committee report containing approved recommendations and report it favorably to the House.