Business Meeting

Business Meeting to Vote on Recommendations

Date: Thursday, November 17, 2022 Time: 11:00 AM Location: Rayburn House Office Building 2359


Vote #1: Recommendations Considered En Bloc:

  1. Requiring Data to be Entered into Committee Scheduling Tool: House Rules or policies should require entering of committee meeting times into the shared committee scheduling tool.
  2. Report on Members Voting Late: The House should publish a regular report noting the cumulative time individual members voted after the allotted time.
  3. Opportunities to Learn from other Legislatures: The Committee on House Administration and the Committee on Rules should conduct semi-regular, bipartisan international CODELs to learn about other legislatures and to facilitate better collaboration and understanding among committee members.
  4. Bipartisan New Member Update Seminar: The Committee on House Administration should offer a voluntary seminar for new members well into the start of their term.
  5. Align the Treatment of Member Travel-Related Expenses with the Private Sector and Federal Agencies: The House should align travel related expense reimbursement rules for members with standard business travel practices in the private sector and other parts of the federal government.
  6. Modernization Subcommittee: The House should provide a home for ongoing modernization work within the Committee on House Administration.
  7. Regular Modernization Select Committees: The House should authorize a Modernization Select Committee at least every fourth Congress.

Vote #2:
Vote to adopt the Committee report containing the seven approved recommendations and report it favorably to the House.

Vote #3:
Vote to adopt the Committee’s Final Report for the 117th Congress containing the 104 recommendations this Committee has passed in total and report it favorably to the House.